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Prahalad Achutharao, Prahalad CEO, Geschickten Biosciences
Bonnie Addario Founder, Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation
Albert, Dave, Dr. Founder, AliveCor
Altman, Russ, MD, PhD Dept Chair, Bioengineering, Stanford University
Sami Amr Director, Sequencing Core, Partners Center
Bonnie Anderson CEO, Veracyte
Angrist, Misha, PhD, MFA Author, Professor, Duke Institute for Genomic Sciences
Mara Aspinall, Mara Founder, DxInsights
Baker, Shawn, Ph D CSO, AllSeq
Baran, Szczepan, VMD President, Veterinary Bioscience Institute
Barbazette, Chris VP Commercial Operations, International Markets, Affymetrix
Anna Barker Co-Director, Complex Adaptive Systems Center, ASU
Bassett, Doug, PhD CSO and CTO, Ingenuity Systems
Beeley, Nigel CEO, Enrqi Inc.
Don Berry Prof of Statistics, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Biamonte, Marco, PhD CEO, Drug Discovery for Tropical Diseases
Bilings, Paul, MD, PhD CMO, Life Technologies
Steve Blank Author, Entrepreneur, Educator
Brett Ryan Bonowicz Filmmaker, The Perfect 46
Bowes, Debra President Emeritus of Women in Bio
Bready, Barrett, MD CEO, Nabsys
Brin, David, PhD Sci-Fi Author
Jonathan Brody Assoc Professor of Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University
Bunin, Barry, PhD CEO, Collaborative Drug Discovery
Burrill, Steven CEO, Burrill and Co.