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Faces of Leadership in Diagnostics: Surbhi Sarna


Surbhi Sarna, Founder, CEO, nVision Medical

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Listen (4:43) Filling a void in female health innovation

Listen (4:31) Addressing the leading cause of infertility

Listen (7:41) Creating the pap smear for ovarian cancer

Listen (5:22) An early start

Facing female health difficulties at a young age, Surbhi Sarna determined early in life that she wanted to change the status quo for female healthcare.

“I’m generally not very good at accepting things the way that they are,” Surbhi says in today’s interview.

Several years ago, she tapped that impatience to create nVsion Medical. Backed by venture capital, the company is running clinical trials for a new imaging device to address the leading cause of infertility —fallopian tube blockage. The company is also working on earlier diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

“Our long term goal is to create the pap smear for ovarian cancer,” she says after painting the bleak outlook those with the disease face today.

She has been listed as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 in Science and Healthcare. Today she tells her story.

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