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George Church at 60


George Church, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School 

Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:11) Church's Law

Listen (6:45) Colbert, Der Spiegel and Regenesis

Listen (2:49) Do you have a hobby?

Listen (8:22) The promise of 3D sequencing

Listen (4:42) Is long reads the NGS story of the year?

Listen (6:02) Have you heard any good arguments against GMOs?

Listen (5:46) How much wet lab vs. coding for the new biologist?

Listen (2:57) 60th Birthday Bash

If the there are celebrities in the life science industry, George Church of Harvard is one of them. Author, professor, entrepreneur—the list goes on and on. One of the special things about George is his commitment to advocate for science to the larger community. With all of his responsibilities, he finds time to talk on programs like ours.

We launched Mendelspod with a George Church interview, and three years later it’s a treat to hear him talk about his work, career, and philosophy. We finish up the interview with questions from the audience.

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