10 Genomics Questions for the Presidential Candidates

Theral Timpson

ScienceDebate.org has just released 20 science questions for the presidential contenders.  We thought we'd send in our own list of 10 genomics related questions.  Here they are:


1.  Will you get your genome sequenced, and 

   A.  Donald, will you show us what percentage of Neanderthal you have?

   B.  Hillary, will you show us the variants you keep on your private home server?


2.  If Obama could be cloned, should his clone be able to run for another term?


3.  Which of the following would make the best Moonshot:

   A.  A regular genetic screen for all members of congress for 20 intelligence variants 

   B.  Making sure all firewood around the country is non-GMO and gluten free

   C.  Installation of a pipeline from Canada to the US, but for prescription drugs, not oil

   D.  Enable school kids everywhere to sequence their own genomes on the MiniSeq


4.  What is the microbiome? 

   A.  Donald’s private parts

   B.  The chance of Gary Johnson getting into the debates

   C.  Another word for Hillary’s idealism

   D.  Jill Stein’s favorite strain of non-GMO pot 


5.  What’s your position on LDTs?  (Hint, it’s not a drug or a religion or a sexual identity.)


6.  How are you going to one up Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative?  (Hint:  Put in some actual money.)


7.  What is an exome?

   A.  The genome of one of Trump’s ex-wives 

   B.  The portion of the genome that appears on an X-ray

   C.  The only portion of the genome that Gary Johnson thinks the government should be interested in

   D.  The genome of a voter turned away from the polling station


8.  During the next 4 years a trove of genetic information will come in.  To deal with this onslaught, how important is it that a National Genetic Counselor be the next new cabinet position? 


9.  What is CRISPR?

   A.  GMO bacon

   B.  Part of the refrigerator

   C.  Part of the future

   D.  A national council in favor of stiffer hundred dollar bills

   E.  The New York City dry cleaner where Trump gets his shirts done


10.  If it turns out that we can’t cure cancer in the next four years, how will you break this to the people?