Biotech Journalist Shares Photos, Trip to Top of North America

Theral Timpson

Luke Timmerman is the National Biotech Editor for Xconomy. His weekly BioBeat columns on Mondays are a favorite among industry veterans.

Last month Luke took three weeks to climb Denali (Mt. McKinley) in Alaska. I was blown away with this photo essay he posted on his return. Having climbed a few mountains, including Mt. Whitney here in California, I know a bit about what it takes.

At 20,300 feet, Denali is the tallest place in North America and provides climbers with some formidable obstacles. For one, the ascent from base to peak is higher than with any other mountain entirely above sea level. And being in Alaska, the mountain is further from the equator than any of the other big climbs around the globe. This means that the barometric pressure is lower; air is harder to come by.

Luke's pictures are stunningly beautiful. Jagged peaks topping immense glaciers. Exhausted, ice-tipped, bearded faces and smiles. That Luke worked his way up to this with rigorous daily training and then made it to the summit--what to say?   I'm inspired.

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