Delivering Genomic Medicine: Challenges in Data Visualization and Reporting - Panel Event Set for June 5th in Oakland

Theral Timpson
Mendelspod and Chempetitive Group are pleased to team up and bring you another evening of networking with a panel discussion, "Delivering Genomic Medicine: Challenges in Data Visualization and Reporting." Join us after work in Oakland on Thursday, June 5th for drinks, bites and discussion.
Since the FDA shut down 23andMe's health related products late last year, a separation has grown in the genomics community between those who think 23andMe is good for personalized medicine, and those who think the DTC company has been harmful. The former argue that 23andMe has simplified genomics for the masses through their marketing and PR campaigns and through their online reports. Those opposed warn that the data and the reports are over simplified.
When talking about how to understand, interpret, and report genomic data, one of the challenges is presenting to various levels of users.  There are the patients--or consumers as some like to say, the doctors, lab techs, and, of course, other researchers.  The secret behind translating research into better clinical outcomes depends not just on Big Data, but how it looks.
We'll be talking with some data experts who are finding their own ways to look and report on genomic data:
-- Martin Reese, CEO, Omicia - Omicia is now targeting clinics with Opal, their new software which helps clinicians "understand, interpret, and report" on genome sequence data.  Martin has been around bioinformatics since the mid-90's and worked directly on the Human Genome Project with what later became UCSC's Genome Browser.  
-- Michele Cargill, Geneticist, InVitae - Michele has a strong passion for democratizing genomics.  She believes that genomic data should be shared in a kind of Web 2.0 She joined Randy Scott's new company, InVitae, after working as a geneticist at the former DTC company, Navigenics.
-- Euan Ashley, Asooc. Prof. of Genetics, Stanford - Euan is directing the new Clinical Genome Service at Stanford Hospital.  He refer's to the problem of visualization in genomics as looking for a "needle in a needlestack."  Benefiting from a strong genomics research community at Stanford, Euan is attempting to put some of that research into healthcare benefits.
-- Theral Timpson, Host & Producer, - Founded in 2011, Mendelspod is a premier media source advancing life science research by connecting people and ideas. Mendelspod goes beyond quick soundbites to create a space for probing conversations and deep insight into the topics and trends shaping our industry's future and the future of our species.
This event is brought to you free thanks to underwriting from Chempetitive Group, an international life science marketing agency that gets it. From PR and design to creative and marketing strategy, Chempetitive Group has a love of science and a passion for strategic marketing.
Join us June 5th in Oakland at the hip new offices of Omicia where we'll have time for networking, food and drinks before and after. Event begins at 5:30 p.m. and the program begins promptly at 6:15 p.m.
Register soon as there is limited seating capacity!

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