Five Reasons France Has Become the Number One Anti-Vaccination Nation

Theral Timpson

A recent study shows that the French are, to an alarming degree, against vaccinating.  Huh?  The ultra secular and increasingly atheist, nuclear power dominated, science loving, Voltaire producing French?  It doesn’t make any sense.  According to this study a whopping 41% of the French are holding out against vaccines.  Compare that to just 14% in the U.S.  Which nations are best about their vaccinations?  Those in Southeast Asia and Africa.  They still remember what it’s like to not like polio.

Stunned by this number, we wrote to several people in France asking why almost half the country is against vaccinations.  They offered these five reasons:  

1.  No bonbon, no buy buy.  Michel Macaroon of Aix en Provence told us that any product that doesn’t make it ultimately into a bakery or restaurant is going to do very poorly with the French.

2.  The power not to shower.  According to Helene Sale of Paris, the French are very happy to see that other people around the world finally understand why they do not shower or bathe.  “Our bodies have these amazing natural bugs called bacteria.  They protect us.  When one does not--how do I say--wash them off everyday, like in America, then one is naturally protected from these diseases.  Oui?”

3.  The power that is France.  Jacques Guerre is a capitaine in the French military.  “Are we not known for our Resistance?” he asked.

4.  Le Grande Tragedie.  Audrey Appris, a professor at l’Universite Paris-Sorbonne, wrote in, “Why should we limit the tragically beautiful diverse ways of dying?”

5.  Yes, yes . . . and all that.  The well known chef, Alain Passard had his secretary write back.  “Yes, yes, we’re the country of Pasteur and Voltaire and all of that.  Please don’t bore me.  Really, I ask, what cannot be cured with the finest Chateauneuf de Pape?”

Oui, oui, indeed.