Gene and Tonic, June 24, 2016: "Best of" . . . this Week

Theral Timpson

Other than sitting by as Great Britain became Petite Britain, how did you enjoy the week? If anyone shares an office--like I do--with someone from the European Union (Austria), then you were allowed to focus on little else. But there were some fun items this week, which I’ve turned into a short “Best of” list.


Best Ad Campaign of the Week

This category has to go to STAT news. Just when they are running out of major stories to cover after six months in publication, they start coming out with some cool social media ads.



Best Ome of the Week

"Thanatotranscriptome: genes actively expressed after organismal death"

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” Scientists at University of Washington, Seattle found that some fish genes remain active up to four days after death. It turns out that death reverts us to a kind of embryonic state where some of our genes get upregulated.   In other words, our genes get the final say.

Think of it as a postscript to our lives:

“PS.  Boy, glad that’s over.” 

“PS.  No, no, no, no!!!”

How about, “PS.  Should have gone to Illumina for that whole genome sequence."

Or probably, “PS.  I lived to see Great Britain fall apart.”


Best Podcast Name of the Week

“Before you pop that Tylenol, tune into this podcast”

Is it just me, or did anyone else find this week’s Signal Podcast with Luke Timmerman and Meg Tirrell to be brilliantly named? It’s all happening at STAT News these days. I only wish I’d come up with this title for one of the Mendelspod shows.

It does inspire some alternate versions:

“If you think you have a headache now, just listen to our show.”

“Podcast, then Tylenol. Podcast, then Tylenol.”

Let's try some other medications:

“Before you pop that laxative, give our podcast a chance.”

“Wait. Do you really need that sleeping pill, when you can listen to our podcast for free from your iPad?”

“Listen to Mendelspod. Take an anti-diarroeahl.  And call me in the morning.”

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