Join Us Next Week for a Discussion about the Challenges of Data Visualization and Reporting in Genomic Medicine

Theral Timpson

Next Thursday, June 5th, Mendelspod teams up again with Chempetitive Group to bring you an evening of networking and a special panel discussion.

"Delivering Genomic Medicine: Challenges in Data Visualization and Reporting"

When:  Thursday, June 5th

   Networking:  5 30 pm

   Panel Discussion:  6 15 pm

Where:  Omicia Inc, 1625 Clay St, Oakland, CA  94612

Price:  Free (Register here)

What is a genome?  And how does one go about looking at it?  Furthermore, how can it help a doctor make a quick call for a patient?


Remember after the Human Genome Project was completed when Science Magazine offered that insert foldout in one of their issues that was a full color representation of the entire genome?  We hung it on our walls and showed it off to our friends.  But what did it tell us? 

Helpful and accurate visualization of biological data--from genomics to lipidomics--will be a key step in translating discovery to everyday use. Doctors use X-ray and other images to help diagnose a patient's illness. How can genomic and other omic data be visualized in a way that will offer quick and accurate insights into a person's "health state" (as Stanford's Mike Snyder likes to call it)?

This is the question we'll be putting to a panel of experts next Thursday,  folks who are working every day to help the rest of us better understand the latest gigabytes of biological data.   We'll be housed at the trendy new office of the genome interpretation company, Omicia, in downtown Oakland where we'll be surrounded by work stations and data scientists up to their elbows in data.  There is limited seating, so if you haven't already, register now.

See you June 5th in Oakland!