One Week to Special Bioinformatics Event

Theral Timpson

On January 30th, some of the best bioinformaticians in the industry will gather in the back of a tequila lounge in San Francisco's swanky industrial SOMA district for networking and a panel discussion:


"How Will Bioinformatics Scale?"

Representatives from Complete Genomics, DNAnexus, Oracle and other companies will take us into their world and share their visions for the future of bioinformatics.  The main focus of the evening will be the "infrastructure" side of bioinformatics, which can bring up some interesting questions: 

  • In a world where IT companies have already scaled large (Google, Twitter, Amazon), what is unique about the bio industry that must fall into place before a similar scale can be reached?  
  • Will one site emerge that does it all, that is able to combine the "big data" and compute along with all the "metadata" gleaned from omics and other research and patient medical records? 
  • If the cost and installation of hardware is a non issue in today's world of Amazon Web Services (Cloud Computing), then what indeed are the obstacles for the new infrastructure?  Is it the accuracy of the data?  And if Twitter uses "a window of time" and Google uses "numbered pages" to prioritize a search, what prioritization should be used when looking at the genome?

These are some of the questions we'll explore in an event hosted by Mendelspod and Chempetitive Group.  Join us for a fantastic panel, high level networking, and some great Mexican food and an open bar at Tres Lounge in SF, January 30th.

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