Race Is No More Real than Dragons. Doesn't Anyone Read History and Philosophy These Days?

Theral Timpson

Spoiler alert:  Race was discovered years ago.  

To be bogus.

Yet for some reason the race to discover race is back in full swing.  We're all waiting to exhale!   Will scientists discover that race is genetic after all?  That it's real?

The question is as relentless as the talk of a wall.   Just as the New Year’s fireworks were fizzling out, the race and genetics question exploded again when PBS chose to start 2019 with a show on Jim Watson, co-discoverer of the double helix and an unabashed racist to the end.  Or should we use the fashionable new parlance?  He’s just a racial realist.

As New York Times science correspondent, Amy Harmon, has shown, a new wave of racism is spreading--this time from the educated, the scientifically literate.  The white nationalists of our time are using genetic science to bolster their claims of racial purity.

Racial purity? 

First of all, let's applaud the milk chugging crowd on their decision to read some science.  But have they really thought this through?  If we all originally came from Africa, wouldn't that mean we all started with dark skin?  Wouldn’t racial purity mean dark people are the pure ones?  

It’s nothing new that racists use science.  Earlier in the 20th century, before the arrival of genetics, it was arguments about brain size or the fitness to work outdoors--you name it.  (For some reason penis size is rarely mentioned.)

What I found interesting about Amy’s pieces last year and her recent interview here was that she was reflecting a certain anxiety that scientists need to do something about this racism.   She talks about a high schooler who was working on a project who required assistance debunking racism, but he couldn’t find a scientist to help him.  Where were the geneticists?   Why were they not fulfilling their moral obligation?  Where were the scientific racism police?

And in fact, in an unusual move, the American Society for Human Genetics (ASHG) issued a public statement saying that "the study of human genetics challenges the concept of different human races."  Though the statement is brief, the studies which it cites are thorough and considerable.  One study in Nature Genetics titled, Conceptualizing Human Variation says the following, "The finding that the demographic group called 'African American' has a higher prevalence of prostate cancer, obesity and hypertension is not to be denied. This does not mean, however, that this is a 'racial' phenomenon, as disease is probably due to gene-environment interaction and not linked to the physical traits assumed to covary with this population. This group has heterogeneous ancestral continental origins, predominantly West African and West Central African. They are heterogeneous in their African origins also." 

Despite this blanket statement, Amy said that individual scientists have told her several things.  Responding to racists wasn’t their job.  They aren’t comfortable going out to the lay public talking on this topic.  And also they don’t know yet, that they are still “discovering the answer.”

Here there is a big disconnect among scientists.  ASHG issues a statement saying race is not genetic.  And yet there are many scientists out there--it’s obvious on Twitter--who feel that it is settled science that race is genetic or that we still are in the process of discovering it or haven’t discovered the answer yet.    

Furthermore, a Pulitzer prize winning science journalist for the New York Times is feeling the heat as well.  What was the title of one of her pieces . . . "Could Somebody Please Debunk This?: Writing About Science When Even the Scientists Are Nervous."

So what are we to think?  Why is this still an open question?  

Are scientists who study average genetic differences correlated to the way people self-identify racially for traits related to intelligence racist,  whereas scientists who study these differences for disease traits not racist?  

Is the term race scientifically meaningless, as ASHG claims?  

Is the term race changing in meaning, or is it already fixed?  

Are scientists promoting racism with the way they frame their studies, and if so, do they need to change this? 

In this blog I'd like to point the Mendelspod community to some fundamental scholarship on race that includes some science, yes, but also some philosophy and history. 

Is race a natural kind?  

The concept of a natural kind is one used by philosophers that has to do, obviously, with the natural world.  And second, it has to do with something which has exclusive or inalterable properties.   Water is a natural kind.  Tiger is a natural kind.   All tigers have properties which are unique to tigers (we now know they are gene sequences) and which no other animals have.   (There is brilliant work on whether species are a natural kind, but I'm not going to delve into that now.)  Gold is a natural kind.  Gold has a chemical makeup which silver does not.  

Most of the work on whether race is a natural kind has famously been done by Stephen Jay Gould and by Luigi Cavalli-Sforza who just passed away last year.   I like a more recent article by Chuck Tate and Diego Audette from Loyola University, Chicago (2001) who draw from Gould and Cavalli-Sforza but also update it with the most recent work at that time from Craig Venter and the Human Genome Project.  

Is race natural?  It appears so.  When I first went to the country of Vietnam, no matter which town I went to, I was followed by a group of children who wanted to look at me and touch me.   Those children saw with their natural eyes my natural height, the natural color of my hair, eyes, and skin, and they wanted to touch it.   

But, are there exclusive inalterable properties between races? 

As Tate and Audette show, there has been a history going back to the eighteenth century of attempts to classify race scientifically.  First it was done based on geographic origin.  It didn't take long for that theory to fail.   Then there was the theory of temperament: you know, levels of the four humors--blood, phlegm, choler and black bile.  Yes, if we lived at the time of the American Revolution, the white nationalists of the day would have been arguing their racism based on black bile.  (Not a comforting thought, considering that our founders would have been included in this category!)  

Fast forward to the present day and those who claim that race is a natural kind are in two camps.  The first argue that there are genes which are exclusive to one race which are not found in other races.  According to geneticists and Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, there is no reason to believe this is true.  In fact, the 1% difference that exists between humans is found as much between members of the same race as between races.   In one interview here on the program, a leading geneticist said there has been more genetic difference found between two populations living on either side of the same river in central Africa than between one of those populations and Northern Europeans.  

The second theory that race is a natural kind has adapted to the recent evidence that there is a continuum of genetic characteristics across races.  It holds that geopgraphically isolated populations have differed in distinguishable traits.   But this new theory runs into problems as well.  For example, North America is a geographical area with its own population.  Is there a North American race?  This new continuum theory also posits the idea that race is based on physical characteristics.  But how are you going to average out the physical characteristics of the North American population?  Even using the current common racial divisions as “black” and “white”, there are the same diversity of physical traits in whites as in blacks.   And no one has ever solved the problem of grey, except perhaps in an erotic bestseller.

Many jump to other terms such as ancestry, which has become a popular surrogate for race in the age of personal genomics.   But Tate and Audette show that ancestry is just a repeat of the old “geographical” argument.    The difference between human DNA is irrespective of geographic location or supposed race.   Furthermore, the term ancestry has other cultural connotations.

Tate and Audette used the work of geneticists to show that race cannot be a natural kind.   But now having used their paper (out of many possible papers) to make this argument, I want to go beyond the scientific argument!

We live in a culture where everything must have its scientific explanation, and we are expecting race to as well.   Is science always the ultimate arbiter?  There are many examples where we have given up explaining through scientific discovery terms our ancestors might have thought to be real.   Black bile, for example, and the four humors.   Or how about Sagittarius.  For a long time many believed astrology was real.   But it is not a natural kind nor do we ever expect it to become one.  Or how about dragon, demon or ghost

Now let me make it harder.  How about the term weed?   This is something that we see in nature, that we can can touch, taste, and smell.   We can make scientific observations and discoveries about weeds.  Yet we know that weed is not a scientific term.  Plant, yes.  Weed, no.  We would trust a gardener to be more informative on the topic of weeds than a biologist.

The term race is the vestige of a vernacular of our ancestors trying to make sense of the natural world and at the same time imposing a hierarchy of values on that world.  One of the purposes of classifying the natural world into kinds is to imprint our own arrangement.  Once we name a species and insert it into the taxonomy, we know where it exists in the pecking order.  And the impulse was no different for the Middle Age Europeans who developed the concept of the English word race.  However, despite all the efforts over the years, the term has never linked to any reality other than one made up by us.

That folks are going to college is great.  That they pick up some science is fabulous.  Why not add some philosophy and history as well? 

Scientists are not magicians.  That's the whole point.  They will never be able to rid the world of racists, who unfortunately grow like weeds.  But scientists can separate out their anxieties and stop jumping at the first calls of racism.  Perhaps they would benefit from some history and philosophy too.  

Perhaps this would help them cease worrying that they will accidentally "discover" race or magically turn it into a natural kind and thereby disadvantage certain populations.  Race is a term like weed or dragon or black bile.  It is more man-kind, more language-kind than nature-kind.  And that is racial realism.  Wasn't this a lesson of the 20th century?  Why are we forgetting it?  Is it the result of over STEM-ification of the 21st century? 


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Choose Register option on the Amazon website- to get a 5–6 character code, then sign in to your Amazon account and enter your code to enjoy watching your favorite movies at . https://amazonprime-video.com If you are facing any kind of issue regarding amazon tv registration, login or any other troubleshooting visit to get the best and simple way to resolve all your issues. https://myamazon-mytv.com We provide 24*7 services to our users. Amazon Web Services Scalable Cloud Computing Services: Audible Download Audio Books: DPReview Digital Photography: IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities : Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands:  https://amazon-codemytv.com Amazon Business Everything For Your Business: Prime Now 2-Hour Delivery on Everyday Items: Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free.

Go to https://mytvamazon-mytv.com and create your Amazon account, if you already have an account then sign in to your account. Now enter the activation or verification code in the next screen that is in front of you. You are now ready to enjoy a lot of amazing and great movies and shows on your smart TV. https://amazonmytv-codes.com is a registration portal of Amazon Prime from which members can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free from their device some features require a premium subscription. The instant video service can only be watched after registering your device with a simple subscription code. https://amazonprime-mytv.com is considered one of the most reliable web portals for the activation of Prime Video on your Smart TV. After successful registration, choose a TV cable provider’s network, sign in to your account, and start watching excellent Amazon Prime content on your Smart TV device.

To resolve any error that one might come across during or after Microsoft office can be resolve through the help of the https://sites.google.com/view/officecomssetup/home web portal. Visit us at your earlier convenience to get the best assistance in a minimal amount of time through the best associates in Microsoft.
Are you having trouble while going for Hp printer setup? you do not need to worry from now on. As we came up with this amazing blog that will guide you through all of the steps required for HP printer setup. You just need to give us a visit at https://sites.google.com/view/123hpcomprintersetups, all of your queries must be resolved there.
Cash App is one of the most promising payment gateway based in the United States. It is developed in 2018 by Square Inc. As of now Cash App login more than 30+ million users monthly. if you have any interest in Cash App or want to know more in-depth about Cash App Sign in, feel free to visit us at our website at Cash App Login.

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We all know that nothing is perfect so is the Cash App, as sometimes users might face some troubles while working on the Cash App. If you are going through with the same then please visit our blog about how to fix Cash App Keeps crashing Issue.

Is your printer in error state? Call us at HP Support Phone Number and our technician will assist you with any of your trouble with your device in a minimum amount of time.

Amazon Prime video is amazon's web based stage which is the principle contender of Netflix and other worldwide streaming channels. You can watch your number one films and shows with no promotions utilizing amazon prime video. Additionally, amazon puts such a huge amount in its unique arrangement which makes Amazon Prime Video seriously stunning. Amazon firsts are solely accessible just on amazon prime video.

You need a substantial McAfee membership to have the option to utilize your item. You can check whether the membership time of all the McAfee items you have purchased through your McAfee account.At the highest point of the 'My Account' page, click on 'My Account' and afterward, on 'Memberships'. Pick 'All Expired' to see which of your security items have lapsed, and 'View Active' to see which ones are as yet substantial.

Fix AOL mail login issues and learn the correct way to access your account. Try these methods to recover your username and reset your password. https://sites.google.com/view/aolmailloginsignin/
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Buy and gift Domino’s gift card to your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, and other occasions. Choose a suitable card, add balance, and get started https://sites.google.com/view/dominos-gift-card

We are available 24/7 to help you out with the complete procedure of download, install and activate Microsoft Office. We do not resolve only your problems related to Microsoft Office setup, but also guide you on how to get started with your new Microsoft Office once it gets installed successfully on your device.
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You simply unpacked a replacement Amazon gadget and are wanting to investigate - exactly how might you start? Find the way to associate your gadgets to Prime so you'll without much of a stretch see and tune to pick Prime masculinity content from anyplace. You basically got to make amazon accounts and initiate it utilizing amazon my TV actuation code.

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An offline canon printer problem is something that happens unexpectedly. Now here comes the good news. A canon printer offline problem can be easily resolved by trying these quick fixes. But before that, you just know that why the offline error occurred. Well, it may be due to misconfigured canon printer settings, outdated printer drivers, or sometimes due to frayed or loose wires. Are you also facing an offline problem? Not a problem. Connect with us now and get the problem fixed by printer experts.

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