Special Event: How Will Bioinformatics Scale?

Theral Timpson

Bioinformatics is one of the hottest topics we cover at Mendelspod.  We see new platforms and software emerge each year to tackle the huge amounts of data coming from NGS, gene expression, Chip-Seq, and other tools.  The issues around bioinformatics can be broken down into "infrastructure" issues on the one hand, and "analytical/interpretation" issues on the other. 

On January 30th, Mendelspod and Chemptetive Group will be producing an evening event with a panel discussion exploring the infrastructure challenges--just how will bioinformatics scale?  This will be a ninety minute discussion with a stellar lineup of key players in bio and health informatics.  We will be starting off with networking and drinks in the back room of Tres Lounge in the SOMA district of San Francisco. As there is limited seating, I urge anyone interested in attending and participating in this discussion to register right away.

How Will Bioinformatics Scale? Hosted by Mendelspod and Chempetitive Group

When: January 30th, 2014

  5 00 pm: Networking and drinks

  6 00 pm: Panel Discussion

  7 30 pm: Networking, drinks, and appetizers

Where: Tres Lounge, 130 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA


These six panelists represent various links along the informatics chain, from data capture to final reporting. My aim as moderator will be to get the various panelists talking to each other, asking questions of each other, and looking for a common challenge they all share.

Cliff Reid is the CEO of Complete Genomics and has several years of experience sequencing human genomes and delivering genomic data to researchers and soon to the clinic. You could say that from his vantage point, Cliff sees the data pretty much end to end. He has worked not only with the best engineers in the tools space, and the most qualified bioinformaticians, he’s also spent time with doctors who are searching for answers for their patients.

At DNAnexus, CTO Andreas Sundquist has pioneered the use of cloud storage for biological data. The company recently released version 2.0 of their Platform-as-a-Service and has secured important strategic partnerships in the space, including Complete Genomics. Late last year the company announced a collaboration with The Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) at Baylor College of Medicine. Part of this partnership involves using Amazon Web Services from which they recently recruited their new CIO.

Fredrick Lee is the Director of Clinical and Translational Informatics at Oracle Health Sciences. Oracle brings some tremendous experience and resources to the life science and clinical informatics space. Already deeply involved in healthcare informatics, Oracle has already begun integrating millions of patient records with hundreds of thousands of whole genome sequences. Prior to joining Oracle, Lee was the CMO of the P4 Medicine Institute.

Jonathan Hirsch is the President and Founder of Syapse, a new company that promises to bring omics into routine medical use. Hirsch boldly claims that Syapse offers the end-to-end solution, a platform for the entire workflow from raw data to reports that doctors will find useful. Winner of the Strata Rx 2013 Startup Showcase, Syapse is already providing their products to several diagnostics labs. According to Hirsch, Syapse is empowering these diagnostics labs to do more in house.

Matthew Landry is the Founder of a brand new company, DxEngine, which will help clinical labs hook their bench-top instruments into an expansive menu of molecular diagnostics tests. Matt says that the labs bring the sampling logistics and tools and that DxEngine will bring the bioinformatics analysis, clinical results reports, and regulatory compliant IT. Prior to starting DxEngine, Matt was the CTO at the bioinformatics company, BioMatters, where he worked to integrate the company’s Geneious analysis software with Illumina’s BaseSpace.

Joining us to represent the healthcare informatics space is Darren Schulte, President of Apixio. This company is working to make medical information more liquid by developing a more connected world, bringing together EHR providers, healthcare providers, patients, and diagnostic device providers. Prior to joining Apixio, Darren led product strategy at the healthcare analytics company, Anvita Health.

Erik Clausen, a Managing Partner for Chempetitive Group, will be on hand to kick off the evening.  Chempetitive Group is a leading marketing and PR firm serving the life science industry and a strong ally of Mendelspod.  We're happy to be partnering with them on this exciting panel event.

Some say we are moving toward a new “utility” for bioinformatics, a new streamlined infrastructure, an internet for healthcare data. Is this true? Just how will bioinformatics scale? Join us as we probe the future of this hot industry on Thursday, January 30th in SF. 

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