What Would You Do for Darwin Day?

The Editors

This month a lone member of the House of Representatives from Connecticut, Jim Hines, proposed a bill to make February 12th Darwin Day.  It was totally symbolic, having as much a chance of survival as the dinosaurs after the meteorite.  For one thing, we live in America and Darwin is, of course, British.    

We think it's a great idea and to support Mr. Hines we reached out to some audience members to see how they might celebrate a Darwin Day:


“Bird hunting.  Ducks, not finches.”

-Rob from Minnetonka, Minnesota


“Drop out of medical school.”

-Jun Park from Providence, Rhode Island


“Darwin Day?  That’s easy.  I’d go buy a Beagle.”

-Mrs. Montromain from New York City, NY


"Probably stay home and watch old episodes of Survivor.”

Jenna from Orlando, FL


“Go to the zoo.  Maybe this time memorize the latin names of my ancestors.”

Jim from San Diego, CA


“Would listening to the Beatles count?”  

 Gita from Portland, OR


“I’d mend my socks.”


“I’d mend my socks.  Did you say Darnin’ Day?”

“No. Darwin Day.”

“Oh, excuse me, dear.   Um . . . . I’d still mend my socks.”

-Donna from Rochester, NY


“Work on bringing back an extinct species.  Just to screw with his head.”

Richard from Cambridge, MA

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