Why We Are Underwriting 'The Faces of Leadership in Diagnostics’ at Mendelspod

Zachary Helminiak

It’s no secret that the diagnostic industry is changing. Outside pressures like reimbursement and regulation, and internal forces like innovation, have produced tectonic shifts and allowed new landforms to rise from the ocean that is the diagnostic industry.

DNA testing in the consumer market is just one example of a volcanic event shaping the industry. Anne Wojcicki made headlines with 23andme on a regular basis the past year, giving a keynote speech to an eager audience of 20-something techies at South by Southwest. Thanks to Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, soon you will be able to get lab tests at Walgreens with just one drop of blood. And egg freezing, offered by Ovascience, is now a company benefit at Apple and Google.

The faces of the leaders who are innovating in this space and challenging the healthcare status quo are changing as well. They are younger, and more often than before, they are women.

What does this mean for companies trying to compete in this space? What new demands are placed on your company culture if you want to attract an innovative leader?

Slone Partners embraces this change and is proud to partner with Mendelspod by underwriting a new series engaging some of the new faces of leadership.  

In these interviews, beginning next week, Mendelspod host, Theral Timpson, will talk with three women who are expanding the paradigm of leadership in the diagnostic industry.

We hope you enjoy the series.

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