Andrew Carroll

Andrew Carroll, VP of Science at DNAnexus

Andrew works with a team of DNAnexus scientists on engagements with customers in clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical R&D, and academia. He helped to run the largest cloud genomics project, conducted with the CHARGE Consortium and Baylor College of Medicine, covering 20,000 genomes/exomes, and the largest plant genomics project conducted thus far covering 3,000 rice genomes in the 3000 Rice Genomes Project. Through the work of the science team at DNAnexus, he has worked on clinical and research projects with SNP and indel calling in individuals and large cohorts, expression analysis, structural variant analysis, genome assembly, tumor-normal analysis, computational chemistry, and image processing. He received his PhD from Stanford University and his academic work involved comparative genomics in plants, proteomics, and machine learning.

Listen to the interview with Andrew (published June 2017):