Carolyn Compton

Professor of Pathology, ASU

Dr. Carolyn Compton is an academic pathologist who received her MD and PhD degrees from Harvard Medical School. At ASU, she is the Chief Medical and Science Officer of the National Biomarkers Development Alliance, a member of the Biodesign Institute and the Chief Medical Officer of the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative. Her research interests are related to colon cancer, bio-banking and biomarkers development. She was a professor of pathology at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, Chair of Pathology at McGill University from 2000-2005, and Director of the Office of Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research at the National Cancer Institute until 2012. She is the past CEO and President of the Critical Path Institute. Compton is an adjunct professor of pathology at both the University of Arizona and Johns Hopkins, and research associate at Mayo Clinic.

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