Chia-Lin Wei

Chia-Lin Wei, Director of Genome Technologies at the Jackson Laboratories

An international leader in in genomics and sequencing, Chia-Lin Wei, Ph.D., is developing and providing genomics and sequencing services for JAX researchers. Wei’s primary research focus is to develop genomic and sequencing technologies; apply them to interrogate genomic and epigenomic elements pertinent to genome function and biology. The goal is to uncover system biology networks in lineage specification processes and organism responses to stress and environment. We are interested to decipher regulatory networks of key functional modulators and their interactions with “non-coding functional elements” in mammalian cell genomes and their dynamics in developmental process. We believe that such knowledge will provide fundamental understanding in the role of genome organization in transcription regulation, differentiation and disease mechanisms.

Listen to the interview with Chia-Lin (published April 2018)

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