Clausen, Erik

Managing Partner and VP of Public Relations, Chempetitive Group

Erik is a professional storyteller, who dabbled in public affairs before realizing there are better stories to be told in life science PR than in politics. Erik brings two decades of communications and international experience to his role leading the PR team at Chempetitive Group. Previously, Erik founded a U.S. office in San Francisco for European communications consultancy College Hill Life Sciences. Prior to that, he served as Vice President at international PR agency Schwartz Communications, where he worked for nearly a decade and ultimately led the firm's West Coast Life Science and Healthcare group. Erik was also a Chief-of-Staff and Press Secretary for a Massachusetts senator in Boston and cut his teeth on the legislative communications team at California lobby house Livingston & Mattesich. Erik earned his Bachelor's in Environmental Science from California State University, Sacramento. In addition to being experienced in developing strategic communications programs that achieve business outcomes by influencing key audiences, Erik is a (very) amateur distance runner who hopes to someday run the Boston Marathon without embarrassing himself. That shouldn't be difficult, after the hazing he takes around the office as a Red Sox fan.

Listen to the interview with Erik (published March 2019)

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