Cruikshank, Greg

Founder, BioConference Live

With over 12 years of sales and marketing experience at various Life Science & Biotech Companies, Greg Cruikshank is leveraging his professional and entrepreneurial skills by running a number of internet companies such as a social networking website catered to the scientific community called LabRoots, a virtual conference called BioConference Live, and an internet technology company called Advanced Web Communications.

Greg Cruikshank founded LabRoots, Inc. in February 2008 and is currently the CEO. LabRoots is a free, social networking site that enables scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to connect, collaborate with, and learn from each other. LabRoots fosters world-wide scientific communication and incorporates the newest social networking technologies.

Greg Cruikshank founded BioConference Live in February 2009 and is currently the managing partner with PlatformQ. BioConference Live is the first of its kind online-only event, focused on the life science and biotech community, bringing together researchers, thought leaders, and professionals from around the world.

Greg Cruikshank founded Advanced Web Communications in August 2009 and is the CEO. Advanced Web Communications LLC is an internet technology company that produces online events for the biotech, clinical, and life science markets.

Specialties:Qualifications include: Sales Expert in Life Science & Biotech Industry; Marketing Specialist; Business Development, Negotiation Skills; Business Intelligence, Sales Trainings from Miller-Heimann, Wilson Learning, and Sandler; Lead Generation Specialist; ACT Administrator; Large Account Management; Web Design & Development; Data/Text Mining.
Listen to an interview with Greg, BioConference Live Fall 2012

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