Dale Yuzuki

Dale Yuzuki, Director of Digital and Strategic Marketing Communications at Olink Proteomics

Dale Yuzuki, M.A., M.Ed. currently is a Digital Strategic Marketing Communications Director at Olink Proteomics, where he drives strategic messaging and content development across Olink’s digital communications channels. He has a background in regional marketing, product management and different sales roles over the past 23 years, and is the author of a popular NGS blog “The Next Generation Technologist” www.yuzuki.org since 2011. In 2014/15 he launched the “Behind the Bench blog” at Thermo Fisher Scientific and produced several dozen video interviews and over 100 blog posts on that platform. Before joining Olink a year ago he authored a book on the molecular biology behind COVID diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines, called "COVID-19: From Chaos To Cure: The biology behind the fight against the novel coronavirus".

Interview with Dale (published November 2022) https://mendelspod.com/podcasts/proteomics-scale-dale-yuzuki-olink/