Dan Heller

Dan Heller, CEO, Two Pore Guys

Since 1990, working with startup companies in stealth mode, or seeking to refine business trajectories given changing market conditions. Since 2009, my work has been in biotech. During the 2000s, digital imaging and photography sector (hardware, software, social networking, legal and economic analysis). During the 1990s, internet technologies (protocols, networking layers, software development, web evolution, and business design and development).

In 2010, I created the Center for Entrepreneurship at University of California, Santa Cruz. This included a new curriculum in entrepreneurship, where students and researchers collaborate to create new startup companies from university intellectual property. Most of the IP was in biotech, computer software, social media, and generalized technology solutions.

I left the position in order to be the CEO of one such startup, Two Pore Guys, which produces solid state genome sequencing and universal biomarker detection technologies.

Specialties: Business Development, Economic Analysis, Technology Management, System Architecture, Software Development

Listen to the inteview with Dan (published Feb 21, 2017) https://mendelspod.com/podcasts/new-simple-nanopore-device-could-revolut...

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