Duncan, David Ewing

Journalist, Author


David Ewing Duncan is an award-winning, best-selling author of seven books and numerous essays, articles and short stories; and a television, radio and film producer and correspondent. He is a Correspondent for Atlantic.com; he is also the Chief Correspondent for public radio's "Biotech Nation", heard on NPR Talk. He writes for the New York Times, Fortune, Wired, Discover, Atlantic, National Geographic, and many other publications. At UC Berkeley he is the Founding Director of the Center for Life Science Policy. David's most recent book is When I'm 164: The new science of radical life extension, and what happens if it succeeds (TED Books). He also wrote the bestselling Experimental Man: What one man's body reveals about his future, your health, and our toxic world (Wiley). His previous book was Masterminds: Genius, DNA and the Quest to Rewrite Life (Harper Perennial). He wrote the international bestseller Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year (Harper-Collins/Avon), published in 19 languages, and a bestseller in 14 countries.

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