Eric Rey

CEO, Arcadia Biosciences

Mr. Rey has managed agricultural research, product development and commercial programs for more than 30 years, with 28 years focused specifically on food, feed, and industrial products from agricultural biotechnology. Prior to joining Arcadia Biosciences, Mr. Rey was a partner in the Rockridge Group, a management consulting firm focused on the agricultural biotechnology industry. In this role, he advised multinational companies on strategy development and managed resulting acquisition activities. He also consulted with and managed the development of strategic partnerships for early-stage companies that were developing genomic, biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, crop protection, animal nutrition and health, alternative crop, and industrial products.

Mr. Rey also served as vice president of operations for the Calgene Oils Division of the Monsanto Company. In his 17 years at Calgene, Mr. Rey was responsible for the establishment and management of the company's operational, product development, and agricultural infrastructure. He also managed the start-up of one operating subsidiary that developed and marketed agricultural seed products. Mr. Rey built and managed the plant oils product development and commercialization program at Calgene, including the management of plant breeding, seed production, identity-preserved crop production, oil processing, and marketing. Through this program, Calgene developed and commercialized specialty vegetable oils, including the world's first genetically modified oil, LAURICAL®.

Mr. Rey's responsibilities at Calgene also included strategic planning, market analysis, and financial analysis of new product opportunities. He led the integrated research and development teams that provided overall management of new oil product efforts, including high saturates, low saturates, medium chain triglycerides, long chain fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid, and various highly unsaturated fatty acids. While with Calgene, he established and managed strategic relationships with major food and consumer product, food processing, industrial product, agricultural product, plant genetics, and technology companies. Prior to joining Calgene, Mr. Rey held positions involved in biological pest control with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Mr. Rey holds a B.S. in Plant Science from the University of California at Davis. He is a Life Member of the Sierra Club.

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