Handelin, Barbara, PhD

President, BioPontis Alliance

Dr. Handelin is a veteran entrepreneur and molecular medical geneticist who has pioneered the responsible application of genetics to clinical medicine over a 20 year career. In 1987 Dr. Handelin established one of the first commercial DNA testing laboratories at Integrated Genetics (now Genzyme Genetics). After co-founding a gene therapy company in 1995 (Genovo), Dr. Handelin began her own consulting practice, Handelin Associates. She delivered consulting services to venture capital investors, start ups, biomedical universities, as well as established biotechnology, diagnostics, genomics, pharmacogenomics and bioinformatics companies. In late 2000, she founded a biosimulation company, Kenna Technologies, where she has served as CEO until its acquisition by DNA Print Genomics in October 2005. At DNAG she served as Director of Diagnostics and Computational Modeling leading the development of new pharmacogenetics diagnostic tests until 2008 when she returned to consulting. Dr. Handelin served 3 years on the board of RedPath Integrated Pathology, Inc. and on advisory boards of several genomics companies (eg. EXACT Sciences). She served 10 years as a board member of Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) as well as on a variety of federal committees and advisory panels on ethics in genetic testing, including the Secretary’s Advisory Panel on Genetics, Health and Society.

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