Justin Kao

Justin Kao, Co-founder & SVP, Helix

Co-founder & SVP, Business Development & Partnerships

Helix is dedicated to empowering every person to improve their life through DNA. We believe in a world where every person benefits from their biological information and is able to help all of humanity lead better lives. To accomplish this, we are working with a diverse set of high-quality content partners to create a vibrant ecosystem.

For our users, we offer a unique value proposition: have all of your genes sequenced once, with state of the art technology, and the data securely stored. Then explore your own DNA through a lifetime - unlock just the pieces you're interested in, with applications such as genealogy, health, nutrition, fitness, and more, all provided by brands you trust. As science evolves, so will our ecosystem, so you can always access on-demand products that are uniquely personalized.

For our partners, we handle sample collection, next-generation DNA sequencing, and data storage. Focus on developing great products without ever having to worry about the chemistry.

Listen to the interview with Justin (published July 2017) https://mendelspod.com/podcasts/turning-your-dna-justin-kao-helix/

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