Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner, CEO of Omniseq

Mr. Mark Gardner has been Chief Executive Officer and Director of OmniSeq, LLC since April 2016. Mr. Gardner has more than 30 years of senior management experience. He is a proven business leader who has worked for globally renowned organizations and is very well respected in the life science industry for his successful endeavors in both early stage and well-established businesses in the next-generation sequencing space. Mr. Gardner serves as Vice President and General Manager for Thermo Fisher's Next Generation Clinical Sequencing business, where he oversees sales, product management, marketing and research and development. Mr. Gardner served as Chief Marketing Officer of Life Technologies Corporation (Invitrogen Corp.) since May 03, 2005 and served as its Vice President of Process Improvement since December 16, 2003. Mr. Gardner focuses on implementing process improvement programs, such as lean enterprise and six sigma, throughout Invitrogen Corp. Mr. Gardner came to Invitrogen after a series of highly successful six sigma and acquisition integration projects at General Electric Medical Systems, Information Technologies division. Mr. Gardner held senior management positions at McKinsey and Company, GE Medical Systems, Invitrogen and Life Technologies. Prior to GE, Mr. Gardner was a McKinsey & Company consultant and a lieutenant commander and pilot in the United States Navy. He holds a bachelor of science degree from the United States Naval Academy, a Masters Degree in international relations/national security studies from Georgetown University and an MBA with an emphasis in finance from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Listen to the interview with Mark (published June 2017):


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