Munos, Bernard

Founder, InnoThink

Mr. Munos is the founder and chief apostle of InnoThink, a partnership dedicated to bringing evidence-based innovation models to the pharmaceutical industry and its stakeholders. Before that, he was advisor for corporate strategy at Eli Lilly and Company, where he focused on disruptive innovation and the radical redesign of the industry R&D model. His research, which has been published in Nature and Science, has helped stimulate a broad rethinking of the pharmaceutical business model by companies, investors, policymakers, regulators, and patient advocates.

He has presented his findings at numerous meetings sponsored by the National Academies, the Institute of Medicine, the President’s Cancer Panel, the NIH Leadership Forum, the World Health Organization, the OECD, the Kauffman Foundation, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Genome Canada, the American Chemical Society, and the Council for American Medical Innovation as well as leading universities and think-tanks in the U.S. and Europe.

He received his MBA from Stanford University and holds other graduate degrees in economics and animal science from the University of California at Davis and the Institut National Agronomique in Paris, France.

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