Payne, Philip, PhD

Dept Chair, Biomedical Informatics, The Ohio State University

Dr. Payne has been a faculty member in the College of Medicine at The Ohio State University since 2006, and is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of clinical and translational research informatics.  In addition to his duties as chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics, he also serves as the Director of the Biomedical Informatics Program for OSU’s CTSA-funded Center for Clinical and Translational Science, Director of Data Management Services within the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource, and Co-Executive Director of the OSU Center for IT Innovation in Healthcare (CITIH). Dr. Payne’s research portfolio is actively supported by a combination of NCRR, NLM, and NCI awards and contracts, and includes projects focusing on: 1) the development of novel informatics platforms capable of enabling the collection, exchange, and integration of distributed, multi-dimensional, and heterogeneous biomedical data and knowledge sources; 2) the use of knowledge engineering methodologies to support high-throughput discovery of novel phenotype-biomarker linkages and complexes in large-scale data sets; and 3) the application of workflow analysis and human-computer interaction design principles in order to enable the adoption and optimal use of information systems in biomedical research and clinical care settings. Dr. Payne received his Ph.D. with distinction in Biomedical Informatics from Columbia University, where his research focused on the design and evaluation of advanced information management platforms for multi-center clinical research programs.  Prior to pursuing graduate training in Biomedical Informatics, Dr. Payne served in a number of technical and leadership roles at both the UCSD Shiley Eye Center and UCSD Moores Cancer Center.  Dr. Payne’s leadership in the clinical and translational research informatics communities has been recognized through his appointment to numerous national steering and advisory committees as part of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), National Cancer Institute caBIG initiative, and National Center for Research Resources CTSA consortium, as well as his engagement as a consultant to academic health centers throughout the United States and the Institute of Medicine.  Dr. Payne is the author of over 75 publications focusing on the intersection of biomedical informatics and the clinical and translational science domains, including several seminal reports that have served to define a new sub-domain of biomedical informatics theory and practice specifically focusing upon clinical research applications.