Pearson, Nathan, PhD

Principle Genome Scientist, Ingenuity Systems


Nathan Pearson joins New York Genome Center as Senior Director of Scientific Engagement and Public Outreach. Through computer, lab, and field work, Nathan has long sought to cast light on how human genetic variation reflects key aspects of our health and history.

After training at Stanford, the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan, he served as Senior Director of Science & Research at Knome, and as Principal Genome Scientist at QIAGEN, where he worked with dedicated colleagues to build and apply software for interpreting human genomes, to better understand diseases, drug response, and other phenotypes.

To foster broader understanding of genomes, Nathan has also long worked with genome-­curious layfolk, including historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and singer Ozzy Osbourne. In this spirit, he founded the Empowered Genome Community, which helps citizen-scientists make their genomes scientifically useful; and, where he writes on the promise and challenges of the coming era of genomically informed living.

An avid cyclist, photographer, and foodie, Nathan is eager to join you in tracking down great morsels, and moments, in the streets of New York.

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