Peter T. Kissinger

Chemist, Purdue University


Professor Kissinger is a part time faculty member and entrepreneur who founded the drug development company Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. He regularly counsels students on career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry and is active in the Indiana Instrumentation Institute (III) and development of the Purdue Research Park. The development of pharmaceuticals is a tortuous process from basic research on the biochemistry of disease to the ultimate commercial formulation. Analytical chemistry is crucial throughout this process and supports disciplines as diverse as genetics, pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmacokinetics. This defines our goal - improving the measurement capability for disciplines challenged to understand how foreign substances ("xenobiotics") interact with mammalian biology. Liquid chromatography, electrochemistry, and mass spectrometry are principal tools in our search for trace amounts of organic compounds in body fluids, and tissue homogenates. A more recent focus of our work has been on following chemical events in vivo using implanted membrane capillaries operating by dialysis or ultrafiltration. These "artificial blood vessels" enable us to continuously sample the extracellular space in living tissue for drugs and other low molecular weight metabolites such as amino acids, peptides, glucose, and lactate. We are therefore able to monitor real time chemical events in awake animals and correlate such data with physiological and behavioral information.

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