Achutharao, Prahalad

CEO, Geschickten Biosciences prahaladATgeschicktenDOTcom

Prahalad drives the overall strategy and business execution for Geschickten Biosciences. Before Geschickten, he was working with SETLabs, the R&D wing of Infosys Technologies, India. While at Infosys he was working in the areas of HPC and Grid Computing.

Prahalad has patents in Distributed Processing and Data Grids. Prior to this appointment, Prahalad worked with @labs at the University of Alabama and SURA (Southern University Research Association) Grid in collaboration with University of Michigan and University of Vanderbilt focusing on Grid File Systems, Authentication/Authorization and Grid Security.

Before joining @labs, Prahalad worked with Verari Systems Inc, focusing on development of methods / tools to measure performance of HPC applications. Prahalad specializes in Systems Software and High Performance / Cluster Computing (HPC) & Grid Computing. Prahalad did BE (Electrical & Electronics engineering) from Karnataka University and MS (Computer & Information Sciences) from University of Alabama at Birmingham

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