Price, Richard, PhD



Richard Price did a Ph.D at Oxford in philosophy. Alongside his PhD, he founded a few startups, including a Craigslist for Oxford ( and a Facebook app that was the largest on the platform for several months (PeopleRadar). After finishing his PhD, he founded, which is a platform for academics around the world to connect and share research. He spotted the need for the platform when doing his PhD.

He raised venture capital, and launched the site in September 2008. Currently the site has 3.5 million monthly unique visitors and 11 million monthly page views. 3,500 academics sign up every day.’s goal is for every academic in the world to be using the site to share and follow research.

Today the site boasts over 50 million users and serves as a laboratory for the future of academic publishing.

Interview Published April, 2017

Interview Published July, 2012