Shivakumar, Supriya, PhD

Global Marketing Mgr, Sigma Life Science


Dr. Supriya Shivakumar currently holds the position of Global Marketing Manager for Sigma Life Science, leading commercialization and new product development efforts for the RNAi and Targeted Genome Editing (TGE) groups. She completed her PhD at the University of California, San Francisco conducting research in wnt signaling in mouse and C. elegans in the laboratories of Nobel Laureate Dr. Harold Varmus and Dr. Cynthia Kenyon. Her postdoctoral work, studying human papilloma viral E7 signaling in cervical cancer, took her closer to clinical applications of cancer research at the Mount Zion Center for Translational Medicine in Northern California. In business, she has been a key member of startups BioProtocol, a life science protocol portal and BioStreet, a spin-off of Burrill and Company in developing pharmaceutical mergers and alliances.

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