Simon Fredriksson

Simon Fredriksson, CEO and Co-founder of Pixelgen Technologies

Simon is continually fascinated by technological innovation that pushes the frontiers of scientific discovery into new and unchartered territories. His deep experience as a life science entrepreneur, researcher, and inventor has spanned from research tools to bio-therapeutics. Simon was Co-founder, Chief Science officer, and CEO of Olink, a publicly traded proteomics company, where he led the development and commercialization of multiple products, most notably the Proximity-Ligation and Proximity-Extension assays for multiplex protein detection. He was also co-founder of Genagon Therapeutics, a groundbreaking immuno-oncology company. Simon earned his doctorate in molecular medicine from Uppsala University and spent four years in research at Stanford University. His research has been published extensively, and he has served on the boards of Olink AB, Olink Proteomics AB, Biolamina AB, and Cartana AB.

Interview with Simon (published March 2023)