Guest Contributors

Annie Martin, SVP, Global Head of Precision Medicine, Novartis
Chief Operating Officer, IDT
former CEO, Pacific Biosciences
Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Marketing and Design Officer at Veritas
Program Chair, PMWC
Founder, Science Futures
President and CEO, My Gene Counsel
VP, Boston Healthcare
Associate Professor, Leader of the Precision Cancer Medicine Initiative at the Biorepository and Precision Pathology Center at Duke University
Dir of Scientific Research, Illumina
Director, PGI
Matt McLoughlin, VP of Compliance at
Founder, Vitrova
Partner, Latham & Watkins
President, ACLA
Karen Miga, DNA biologist and co-lead of the telomere-to-telomere (T2T) consortium UCSC
CEO, Calithera
Journalist, Author
Jordanna Mora, Associate Director Patient Advocacy and Engagement at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals , Inc.
CEO, Protagen
CEO, Gen9
Founder, InnoThink
Mike Murray, Director of Clinical Genomics, Geisinger Health System
Founding Director, Systems Biology Center, Max Planck Institute


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