Guest Contributors

Matt Plavan, President of Arcadia Specialty Genomics
Chief Scientist, Complex Adaptive Systems; Regents’ Professor and Del E. Webb Chair in Health Innovation
Associate Professor of Law and Member of the University of Iowa Genetics Cluster
Daryl Pritchard, Senior Vice President, Science Policy at Personalized Medicine Coalition
Professor, Bioengineering, Stanford
Director of Research, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford University
President and Chief Executive Officer, California Life Sciences Association (CLSA)
Dr. Sheila Rajagopal, Clinical Instructor in Oncology and Research Fellow at The University of Chicago
Managing Editor, Precision Oncology News, GenomeWeb
Timothy R. Rebbeck, Ph.D
Co-founder, President & CSO, Omicia
Co-Founder, Quartzy
CEO of Cellular Phenomics and Oncology
CEO, Complete Genomics
CEO, Arcadia Biosciences
Founder, Prescience International
Professor of Pathology, Yale University School of Medicine
Sci-Fi Author
CEO, Genia
Chair, Bay Area BioEconomy Initiative
Founder, Transparency LS
Hakan Sakul, PH.D. Vice President & Head of Diagnostics, Enterprise Scientific Technology Operations, Worldwide R&D at Pfizer

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