Will Lee

Will Lee, VP of Science at Helix

William is VP of Science at Helix. Helix’s mission is to empower every person to improve their life through DNA. Helix is accelerating the integration of genomic data into clinical care and broadening the impact of large-scale population health programs by providing comprehensive expertise in DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, and individual engagement. Powered by our proprietary Exome+® assay, Helix offers health systems a scalable solution that enables the discovery of medically relevant, potentially life-saving, genetic information.

Prior to joining Helix, William was a faculty member at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where his lab focused on translational cancer genomics. William also did postdoctoral work in tumor whole genome sequencing at Genentech and received an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and a PhD in Genetics from Stanford University School of Medicine.

Listen to the interview with Will (published Februar 2021) https://mendelspod.com/podcasts/playing-catch-viral-surveillance-us-will...


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