February 2015: This Month in Biotech with Theral Timpson

February 2015


David Schwartz, Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

D.J. Kleinbaum, Co-founder, Emerald Cloud Lab

Gini Deshpande, CEO, NuMedii


0:00 Opening monologue

4:03 President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative-- a big deal?

10:47 Scientists rewrite a headline

14:00 Emerald Cloud Lab and the automation of biology

26:03 Challenges and promise of big data

Scientists' Headlines:

At Mendelspod we have to get scientists to translate the titles of their talks and papers into some launguage that’s more . . . available, shall we say. So this time we decided to turn it around. We took the simple headline, “President Obama gathers biomedical elite to the White House to unveil his Precision Medicine Initiative," and asked these scientists to rewrite the headline as though it was the title of a scientific talk or paper.

Ethan Perlstein, Perlstein Lab:

"POTUS positively regulates PMI network via interaction with highly conserved genetic nodes."

Nathan Pearson, New York Genome Center:

“Transient, media-labile hub aggregation of genomic master regulators and key interaction partners recruited to a high-reflectance ionic column-gated node, within a globally connected gridlock domain, anticipates initiation of executive function-coordinated, resource-intensive developmental programming to target factors implicated in causally and phenotypically diverse forms of idiopathic pathogenesis."

Jonathan Eisen, UC Davis:

“The advisors to the President of the United States convince him to spend money on one of their pet "big science" projects that will be mostly a waste of money rather than fund a diversity of young investigators."

George Church, Harvard:

"Top Nostrumologists, Phrenologists, Radithor-oligists, Placebologists, Herpetoemulsionologists, Lobotomists and Mesmerists were convened and directed by the Director of the Director of the NIH (not invented here) to henceforth apply extreme hyperprecisinformaticquactitation to their respective disciplines."

Dan Graur, University of Houston:

"Pharmacon subtilis var. scolasticus (Platyhelminthes): A new aggregative parasitic species on the mensarius tubercle of Aedis albus (Hyaenidae)."


Chempetitive Group, Roche Sequencing, Science Futures, DLA Piper