Welcoming guest bloggers

We welcome guest bloggers!

Do you blog and want to reach out to a larger audience? Do you have some news or an issue to discuss and are looking for a venue? Consider posting your blog here. At mendelspod.com, we want to put a human face on the life sciences. We are looking for content that goes beyond stock prices or the latest press release. Life Science companies are often simply identified by their stock symbol. Yet these companies are made up of interesting folk who have great stories. We invite you to share with other scientists and business people your stories about life as a scientist, reactions to new discoveries and developments, the history of life science, satire and wit, important events or conferences.

Mendelpsod.com is a new media site devoted to the stories behind the headlines of life science. We produce a weekly podcast featuring interviews with thought leaders around the industry. Each week an email goes out to our visitors promoting the week's podcasts and blogs. Join us in advancing life science research by connecting people and ideas.

We ask that you post your entire blog when you post. If your are duplicate posting, please add a line at the bottom of the post acknowledging the original venue.

We're looking for original, creative work. Let the industry hear your opinions. We ask that each blog be a minimum of 350 words. There is no maximum. (And please no press release rewrites.)

Please send a sample or link to your work.

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We advance life science research, connecting people and ideas.
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