PMWC 2012: A Preview with Dr. Larry Marton

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Dr. Laurence Marton, Program Committee Chairman, PMWC 2012 Bio and Contact Info

Theme-Road to Commercialization Listen (7:24) Theme-Road to Commercialization

Difference from Previous Conferences Listen (8:36) Difference from Previous Conferences

Industry Has Reached a Point of Exponential Growth Listen (4:05) Industry Has Reached a Point of Exponential Growth

Genesis for PMWC Listen (2:28) Genesis of PMWC

There are several conferences on Personalized Medicine each year. Perhaps the best attended is the Personalized Med World Conf taking place in Mountain View California, on Jan 23-24. We invited an advisor to the conference, Dr. Larry Marton, to speak to us about the focus of the upcoming show and what we can expect from this year’s lineup.

Dr. Marton is an advisor to the Personalized Medicine World Conference and joins us now to preview the upcoming conference. Dr. Marton serves as a consultant to industry and to governmental, not-for-profit, and academic institutions. Before moving from academia to industry, Dr. Marton was Dean of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School and previously Chaired the Department of Laboratory Medicine at UCSF.