A Biomarker Strategy for Every Drug: Walter Koch, Roche Molecular

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Walter Koch, PhD, Vice President, Head of Research, Roche Molecular Diagnostics Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:07) Why hasn't the sequencing of the human genome led to more therapeutics?

Listen (8:48) Every drug in development at Roche has to have a biomarker strategy

Listen (4:53) Barriers to clinical adoption vary by disease area

Listen (6:33) Dealing with unlevel regulatory playing field for CoDx and LDTs

Listen (6:02) Whole genome tests and the FDA

Listen (2:32) Diagnostics undervalued

We often use the term 'big pharma.' Will we one day be writing about 'big diagnostics' as well? As part of our series Commercializing Diagnostics, we're joined by the head of global research at Roche Molecular Systems, Walter Koch. Walter joined Roche in 1998 when the first drafts of the human genome were coming out. In today's interview he admits to his naivety at the time the human genome sequence was completed about how soon we'd realize therapeutic results. Walter dives into Roche's drug development and companion diagnostic strategy and in the end looks forward to clinical genome sequencing. Walter was formerly at the FDA and puts in his two cents about how to deal with the unlevel playing field between the regulation of CoDx and LDTs.