1st Hand Access to Research: William Gunn, Mendeley

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William Gunn, Head of Academic Outreach, Mendeley Bio and Contact Info

Listen (5:18) Mendeley and the system of science

Listen (5:24) What is altmetrics?

Listen (3:45) Not the publisher, but the discovery tool

Listen (7:28) Desktop manager and other advantages over Google Scholar

Listen (4:04) The recent Finch Report

Listen (3:37) What's your vision for the future of publishing?

Listen (2:46) Getting caught in Hurricane Katrina

William Gunn is head of academic outreach for Mendeley, the new tool for sharing research that everyone is talking about. Introducing us to the concept of altmetrics, William presents the Mendeley desktop manager and other features of Mendeley which separate it from Google Scholar. Mr. Gunn discusses his vision for the future of open access publishing and shares a personal story of evacuating New Orleans during Katrina.