Alan Mertz Sells Personalized Medicine on Capitol Hill


Alan Mertz, President, ACLA Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:28) Revolution in healthcare colliding with terrible time in the Capitol

Listen (5:54) A growing recognition of personalized medicine in Washington

Listen (6:16) Story of the recent CPT code change

Listen (4:40) Are there still labs that are not being paid for MoDx tests?

Listen (3:01) What is your message to Dx industry?

Today we begin a new series, Going the Companion Diagnostics Way. We’ll be looking at issues around reimbursement, regulation, and development of diagnostics in conjunction with a therapeutic. Talk to anyone in the world of diagnostics, and they’ll tell you the big challenge is reimbursement. And things are getting even worse. Recently Medicare has changed the way tests are reimbursed, but the change has been ineffective and left many testing labs without any reimbursement for several months this year.

Here to talk to us about the Medicare issue and about reimbursement and personalized medicine in general is Alan Mertz. He’s the president of the ACLA or American Clinical Laboratory Association who represents the nation’s leading clinical labs. This means that Alan is the salesman for molecular diagnostics on Capitol Hill. Hear in this interview Alan's summary of the Medicare debacle with new CPT codes and his message to those in the industry going forward.

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