Sequencing: An Overview with Shawn Baker, BlueSEQ

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Shawn Baker, Curator, BlueSEQ Bio and Contact Info

Listen (1:00) Curator at BlueSEQ

Listen (6:40) Roche's move on Illumina

Listen (4:44) Big news at JP Morgan 2012

Listen (1:47) Is speed really the issue?

Listen (2:35) Breakdown of market share

Listen (8:52) Advantages, disadvantages among major sequencers

Listen (9:58) Emerging Companies

Listen (1:17) AGBT

As we close out our series Sequencing and Genomic Medicine, we invited Shawn Baker, an advisor for sequencing technology at mendelspod, to join us and give an overview of the industry. He is the Curator for BlueSEQ's next generation sequencing Knowledge Bank. Having received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis, Shawn started his career as a Research Scientist at Illumina when it was a 15 person startup. Shawn is the founder of and a blogger at