Bernard Munos, Apostle of Innovation Part I

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Bernard Munos, Founder of InnoThink Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:24) Pharma industry edging toward irrelevance

Listen (5:54) All industries go through period of disruption

Listen (8:33) What is behind the terrible outlook?

Listen (4:21) A change in values

Listen (3:46) Why is Bernard Munos speaking out?

Listen (6:46) Dashed hopes for big change at Eli Lilly

Bernard Munos is the founder of InnoThink, a partnership dedicated to bringing innovation to the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to this he spent 30 years in various roles at Eli Lilly, including market research and corporate development and business strategy. During his last 10 years at Lilly, he focused on disruptive innovation and the radical redesign of the industry R&D model. His research, which has been published in Nature and Science, has helped stimulate a broad rethinking of the pharmaceutical business model. Bernard presents his findings at numerous conferences around the world and is considered a leader in pharma innovation.

He studied at Stanford University, UC Davis, and the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food, and Environmental Sciences. We’re pleased to have him for a two part show to talk about the pharma industry and his ideas for fixing it.

hackedChatting with Bernard at a local winery in Los Gatos

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