Speaking Out: Bernard Munos Part II

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Bernard Munos, Founder of InnoThink Bio and Contact Info

Listen (5:25) What to do to correct poor situation?

Listen (4:30) Open source R & D

Listen (4:28) Critical mass becomes one human brain

Listen (8:40) Issue of IP and other challenges for open model

Listen (5:07) Examples of open source R & D

Listen (9:53) Is this a personal calling?

Listen (4:31) Is your message taking hold with big pharma?

Listen (5:20) When it comes to drug R & D, the bolder the better

Bernard Munos is the founder of InnoThink, a partnership dedicated to bringing innovation to the pharmaceutical industry. In this second of a two-part interview, Bernard presents his solutions for radically improving the way drug development is done. Bernard, who calls himself an 'apostle of innovation', is a proponent of radical disruption, specifically going to an open source model of R&D, with smaller, even virtual companies. Speaking out after a 30 year career at Lilly, Bernard is not constrained by a corporate boss or short-sighted shareholders. He's calling for big change, "the bolder the better."

hackedChatting with Bernard at a local winery in Los Gatos

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