Big Pharma Does Some Farming: Pearl Huang, GSK


Pearl Huang, VP, Global Head of DPAc, GSK Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:28) What is the Discovery Fast Track Challenge?

Listen (4:25) How do the reseachers benefit if they are chosen?

Listen (6:55) How does the program fit into the overall vision at GSK?

As with the big studios in the movie industry, big pharma is more and more looking to outside sources for innovation, for new products. They are making early deals with venture capitalists on promising startups. J & J has their innovation centers and incubators. Bayer has recently begun its CoLaborator.

Today we talk to Pearl Huang, VP of GSK’s Partnership with Academia Team, about their Discovery Fast Track Challenge. This is a yearly competition where researchers from North America and Europe can submit their work and win the chance to collaborate with GSK. Finalists get to tour GSK’s R & D facility and have access to an impressive screening library.

Pearl explains the details of the competition in today’s program.

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