Ion Sequencing with Paul Billings, Life Tech

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Paul Billings, CMO, Life Technologies Bio and Contact Info

Listen (5:37) Ion type sequencing

Listen (3:33) Quality

Listen (4:33) Open source collaboration with customers

Listen (1:37) PCR in the age of sequencing

Listen (5:55) Advancing into clinical market

Listen (3:07) A transition period

Listen (2:18) Bioinformatics the bottleneck

Listen (4:36) Genomic Medicine Institute at El Camino Hospital

Listen (6:15) Were the doctors receptive?

Listen (5:10) Member of FDA committee

Listen (1:50) Why did you give up medical practice?

Listen (1:23) Why the fleece jacket?

Today we begin a Special Series entitled "Sequencing and Genomic Medicine." The series will include interviews with the leading companies in the genomic sequencing space. In all of the interviews I will ask about the application of sequencing into the clinic, exploring the promise of genomic medicine. Our first show is with Dr. Paul Billings, chief medical officer at Life Technologies.

This week at the JP Morgan conference in San Francisco, Life Technologies’ CEO, Greg Lucier, announced it is taking orders for a new benchtop sequencer, the Ion Proton. The upgrade to their Personal Genome Machine is said to sequence a human genome in 2 hours for $1,000. The $1000 genome has long been thought the benchmark for when sequencing would go into the clinic. The recent announcement of the proton makes our interview with Dr. Billings, recorded earlier, even more salient.

UPDATE: We talk with Paul from the CES about the Proton (1/11/12)