On the Front Lines: Frank Schacherer, BIOBASE

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Frank Schacherer, CTO, BIOBASE Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:12) Products and databases

Listen (1:32) Over 70 curators on staff

Listen (4:42) Why go to BIOBASE over public databases?

Listen (2:40) Customers don't have to be bioinformaticians

Listen (5:46) Example of clinical project

Listen (7:03) Where is the field at now?

Listen (3:40) A lot of human work involved

Listen (8:41) Lots of requests from clinics, but genomic medicine not routine

Listen (1:50) In school couldn't study informatics and biology at the same time

Frank Schacherer is the CTO of BIOBASE, a company headquartered near Hannover, Germany which provides a genomics data analysis service. Their product is built on a vast comprehensive database and super powerful algorithms. These are combined into a user interface for over 600 customers including pharma, clinical and academic researchers.

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