Bioinformatics 3.0: an App Economy with Matt Landry, Biomatters

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Guest: Matt Landry, CTO, Biomatters
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0:37 What is the focus of Biomatters?

4:32 Hack or bioinformatician?

8:52 Are you seeing the commoditization of bioinformatics?

10:38 Bioinformatics 3.0: an app economy

16:49 The state of genomic medicine in New Zealand

21:59 Have you started thinking beyond the cloud?

Matt Landry calls himself a hack rather than a bioinformatician. He's the Chief Technology Officer at Biomatters, a bioinformatics company based in New Zealand that provides an easy-to-use desktop application for biologists. In today's show, Landry explains that coming up with a user friendly platform called Geneious has been the main driver for the company. If you're looking to write your own command line, Geneious is probably not for you, says Matt. He believes that the next phase for bioinformatics will go the user friendly direction and be based on an app model similar to the Apple platform. This makes him very interested in the two cloud based platforms offered by Illumina and now the new one released in beta by DNAnexus.

New Zealand is a country with a small population and a national health service, and Matt comments on the opportunities for genomic medicine in such a country. How do we change the culture of the medical ecosystem, and what comes after the cloud? Matt works out on the front lines and tackles these questions head on.

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