Biosampling Basics with Scott Jewell, Van Andel Institute


Scott Jewell, Senior Scientific Investigator and Director of Program for Biospecimen Science, Van Andel Institute Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:30) Do you see more creativity in the sample consent area?

Listen (7:08) Sample collection - the operating room

Listen (6:52) Sample storage - keeping analytes viable

Listen (7:49) Are researchers becoming more discriminating in their choice of samples?

Listen (4:39) A gold mine

Listen (3:21) How did you get into this?

Scott Jewell joins us from the Van Andel Institute today to walk through some of the basic issues involved with the procurement, storage, and processing of biosamples.

This is the second part of our series on biospecimens, and Scott too will leave you wondering if more focus on sampling might just improve your research dramatically. Scott argues that as biomedical research has developed, "we’ve cherry picked the best things potentially out of what we could gain from science that were robust and that didn’t need to have the perfectly preserved samples.” But those days are passing and now there’s “a lot that doesn’t stand up because there are not appropriate measurements.”

It’s an overlooked area that could well offer a gold mine of solutions for biomedical research.

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